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What Is An Ultra Short Throw (UST) Screen And Why Should You Want One?

White Screen (left) vs UST Screen (right)
White Screen (left) vs UST Screen (right) Actual Unedited Photos

In a nutshell, if you are using a UST Projector without a UST Screen specially designed for UST you will not enjoy the best image quality the projector has to offer (the same goes for using just a wall, which is usually even worse).


There are several reasons for this:


1.The majority of the light from the projector under the screen will be reflected up to the ceiling, not to your eye level.  This is just physics; the angle the light hits the screen or wall at is the angle it gets reflected at. Obviously this seriously diminishes the brightness of the light (the image) you  see at your seating position.


2.Not only that, all that light hitting your ceiling gets reflected into the room and lights it up, which washes out the contrast of the already diminished image you are seeing (unless you have a black or very dark coloured ceiling that is also zero sheen).


3.Most walls are not perfectly flat, they have ripples that you wouldn’t see, until you shine a light up them at an angle, just like a UST projector does.  Then you might see the shadows that give away where the ripples are.


A UST screen overcomes these problems and gives you the best image by incorporating a surface structure that is designed to reflect the light from below straight out into the room to your eyes, at the same time as rejecting light from above (i.e. room lights and ceiling reflections).


Of course it’s also perfectly flat to eliminate any distortions.


If you then combine a proper UST screen with Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) characteristics you get greater contrast, richer colours, and a more vibrant, TV-like image even in a lit room!


Take a look at the videos below which summarise this pretty well and show how a UST ALR screen overcomes these problems and enhances the image. 


Then take a look at the two popular UST ALR screens we offer on our Shop page.  (You can now buy the sought after XY PET  Crystal screen in Australia, right here).

For use in both darkness and ambient light they are ideal for the new UST projectors such as the Xiaomi Mijia UST 4K Laser, Optoma UST 4K Laser, LG UST 4K Laser, Vava UST 4K Laser and HiSense models plus many more.

Video: How A UST Screen Works

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Video: Benefits Of A UST ALR Screen

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We have two brands of popular UST ALR screens:


Our favourite because it’s an amazing screen at a price way better than equivalent performers is the XY Screens UST ALR ‘PET Crystal’ (ridiculous acronym overload I know, but the screen is fantastic…). 


The other is the Elite Screens ‘Aeon’ StarBright CLR,  also a good screen but at a higher price. 


You can see pricing and available sizes on our ‘Shop‘ page.

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Video Review: XY Screens 'PET Crystal' With 2019 Xiaomi 4k UST Projector

Video Review: Elite Screens Aeon UST CLR 'StarBright' Screen

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