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Watch this video: Dark Energy 'Abyss' Screen vs White Screen In Lit Room

"Hi guys, just want to say a big thank you for my new ALR screen material. I purchased the 120" Dark Energy Abyss .9, and built my own frame complete with LED bias lighting.

All I can say is WOW! It performs a lot better than I expected and even in a fully lit room.

I've never seen such impressive "black" levels as this screen gives. Thanks a lot ūüôā "
M. Taylor
New South Wales

Watch This Video: Dark Energy 'Abyss' .9 Screen With $900 Epson 2150 Projector (AU model 5650) In Lit Room


Don’t have 100% light control in your media room?


Can’t paint the walls and ceilings black to eliminate light reflecting from the screen itself and lighting up the room, washing out the image (perhaps because it’s your lounge room, you’re renting, or the wife would be upset if you did?)


Well there is a solution to low contrast or plain washed out projected images that gives you an amazing quality image AND the big theatre screen dimensions you want, at a price FAR LESS than the big brands that it rivals in performance. 



That solution is the ‘Abyss .9’ ALR Screen by Dark Energy Screens.


A small company making big waves, Dark Energy Screens were formerly only available in the USA, now available in Australia.


We developed the Dark Energy Abyss (DEA) screen material to provide you with premium high end ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) performance without the high end prices.


This is definitely not your standard common DIY ALR material that has low gain, adds sparkles, highlights or shimmers, or  anything other than a clean, stunning image.


This is a premium multi-layered ALR screen material that can honestly outperform ALR screens that really do sell for MANY thousands of dollars more.¬†¬†Don’t take our word for it, see our Reviews page where our customers vouch for it, or the AVS Forum¬†searching on ‘dark energy’ to see many recommendations by very knowledgeable (and picky) people


Seriously, a good 120 inch ALR screen can cost $8000 to above $10000. Take a look for yourself at the price of the DNP SuperNova 120 inch at over $10000 here .


Below is a photo of the DE Abyss screen overlaid with a sample of a well respected and great performance big brand name screen that sells for $10,280 in the 120 inch 16:9 size (about four times the Dark Energy Abyss price).  There is ambient light.  You can see the DE Abyss out performs it in black level and is at least as good in colour accuracy, saturation and brightness.  The $10000 sample is in the middle  right hand side of the image.


Check out this AVS Forums post with lots of photos and discussion comparing the Dark Energy Abyss with other screens here.

"The screen quality is unbelievable, people that come over (especially from having seen my previous screens and having a "meh" response) where floored. We LOVE watching and this being our main viewing device in a mostly light filled room I cant stress enough how wonderful of a picture this is".
Reddit Forum
"I've got samples of both the Dark Energy Abyss & the Silver Ticket ALR. Their is absolutely no comparison..the Dark Energy Abyss is much darker & has far superior ALR performance. I've also got samples from the Screen Innovations Slate line too. The Dark Energy Abyss actually outperforms both the the Slate 1.2 & their darker Slate .8. The fact that this screen is outperforming & selling for thousands less then its competitors makes it very appealing to me."
Ryan Ridley068
Reddit Forum

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Here are just a couple of many Youtube videos with easy instructions for making your own frame if you want to do it yourself (we offer screen material without frame for DIY'ers or full screens inclusive of an aluminium black velvet covered frame).

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