Dark Energy Abyss .9 ALR Screen 16:9 Including Fixed Frame


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NOTE this item is the 16:9 screen WITH an aluminium fixed frame kit.  The black velvet frame bezel is 60 mm wide (a stylish slim width but wide enough to tolerate small movements of the projector or not quite perfect alignment and the edge light spill that results). 


Don’t have 100% light control in your media room?


Can’t paint the walls and ceilings black to eliminate light from the screen itself because you’re renting or the wife/girl friend would be upset if you did?


Well there is a solution that gives you an amazing quality image AND the big screen dimensions you want, at a price significantly less than the big brands that it often out performs.


A small company making big waves, Dark Energy Screens were formerly only available in the USA, now available in Australia.


The Abyss .9 is the best choice for image quality if you have a modern reasonably high lumen projector (around 1700 plus). It has a wide viewing angle, great colour accuracy, good gain, no screen induced artifacts and amazing ALR properties.


We developed the Dark Energy Abyss .9 screen material to provide you with premium high end ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) performance without the high end prices.


This is definitely not your standard common ALR material that has low gain, or high gain that adds sparkles, highlights or shimmers, shows texture, or  anything other than just a clean, stunning image.


This is a premium multi-layered ALR screen material that can honestly outperform ALR screens that sell for thousands of dollars more.

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